Holding Space


I’m reflecting on the privilege of being invited into the therapeutic relationship.

So much of this work is about being a caring, reliable, expansive and safe container.

Sitting with...
And making room for what’s here.

Welcoming any and all emotions that may be too difficult to hold alone.

By holding a large and steady container, I strive to allow clients to be with and enter their emotional worlds more deeply.

The philosopher, Albert Camus's guidance was “to live to the point of tears.” That is, to experience and feel life to its fullest.

To let yourself feel the waves of tears: tears of happiness, tears of sadness, tears of joy, anger, melancholy...

All of it.

To allow yourself to feel is to allow yourself to really live.

I try to bring this heartfelt participation to my work by welcoming the waves of emotions and by allowing myself to be deeply moved by what is shared.

And when I do, this work ends up filling rather than depleting me.