Rediscovering Wholeness


As a holistic psychotherapist I am here to support you in (re)connecting with your underlying wholeness.

Your wholeness is not conditional. There is no need to “fix yourself” or wait until you’re “better.”

Let go of the endless striving to “do more” and “to be better.”

Take a break from the perpetual self-improvement treadmill.

Your self-acceptance does not need to be earned by working harder.

There is no ladder to perfection you can climb.

You are simply relaxing and unfolding into the wholeness that has always been the ground of your being.

Let yourself accept and affirm your whole self, as you are, with all your strengths and imperfections.

You are already ok.

You are already worthy.

You are already whole.

Uncover what has been here all along. Right here, right now.

Notice what happens when you give yourself permission, for even just one moment, to simply be as you are.