Experiencing Connection, Expansion & Aliveness


“Our greatest longing is to feel alive. Meaninglessness, depression, and many other symptoms are reflections of our disconnection from our core vitality. When we feel alive, we feel connected, and when we feel connected, we feel alive. Although it brings mental clarity, aliveness is not primarily a mental state; nor is it only sensory pleasure. It is a state of energetic flow and coherency in all systems of the body, brain, and mind.”

Practice: Connecting to Aliveness

  1. Can you recall a time you felt particularly alive?

  2. See if you can remember the sensory details of the experience (touch, taste, smell, sound, colors, temperature etc.).

  3. Pay attention to your body and notice how you are impacted by the memory.

  4. Do you feel an increased sense of aliveness and expansion, or are there thoughts, judgements or emotions getting in the way?

There’s no correct way to do this exercise, simply see if you can bring curiosity to your experience.

From Healing Developmental Trauma by Laurence Heller and Aline LePierre